Friday, 15 April 2016

The Remix - easy level pop mashup

Technically more of a potpourri of popular themes from mainstream music, transcribed, transposed and arranged for a small group of wind or brass instruments.
  • Avicii - Hey Brother 
  • Pharrell Williams - Happy 
  • Avicii - Wake Me Up 
This is targeted at beginners with a modest ambitus and resistance. I work on that with pupils of 10-14 years old who play trumpet for one or two years.
And here is a backing track so you can play on top of it: You may download the music sheet as PDF, or in MuseScore format, so you can edit, transpose, transcribe and customize it to your own needs.
Click the image to download the format you want:

There is a main part written in B♭ and the bass & chords in real concert pitch (or as some might say "in C").

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