Sunday, 2 April 2017

J.S. Bach - Air (on a G String)

One of the most popular ... "classical evergreen" of the Baroque era, Bach's "Air" from
Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068, got popularized in August Wilhelmj's arrangement, which is transposed down so that it can be played entirely on a violin's lowest string by a single violin.
On the score he had "auf der G-Saite" (on the G string) printed above the stave for the solo violin, which gave the arrangement its nickname.

Here's a trumpet arrangement, transposed to fit a medium level student's ambitus, and shortened. In the original there is a repetition of the second part too, but I ditched it because this is targeted at my 11-13 years old pupils which may have a bit less stamina.
This is how I intend the arrangement to sound:
And here is the backing track at around 66 bpm with a slightly ritardando at the end (gradually to 58 bpm).

You may download the music sheet as PDF, or in MuseScore format, so you can edit, transpose, transcribe and customize it to your own needs.
Click the image to download the format you want:

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