Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Rock The Blues - easy one note tune

This one is for people who start, probably first lesson or second, still, a fun one to play.
After you're able to produce a "buzzing" with your lips, you'll probably be able to play a note on trumpet. That's all we need for this tune. Don't press any piston, just play "au naturel".
Most likely you played a C, so, now count 4 beats (one empty bar) and play that note on the second bar for 4 beats.
Repeat until the backing track ends.
If you managed to play the first variation, here's a more complicated one:
"Swing" means that the first eight note is slightly longer than the second.
Here's an article on Wikipedia about swing. Check it out, it's nice, with video examples and easy theory explained very clear.
If the theory terms are a bit confusing and unknown, just try to catch the rhythm "by ear" from my example. So, listen to this one:

And here is a backing track so you can play on top of it:

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