Friday, 30 March 2018

"Largo" From the Cello Sonata by Jean-Baptiste Loeillet

That's quite an old one. I remember playing it in the 8th or 9th grade.
"Largo" from the cello Sonata by Jean-Baptiste Loeillet (not to be confused with Jean-Baptiste Loeillet who is his cousin... confusing, isn't it?), transposed for trumpet.

Just for the record: I couldn't find the trumpet version, so I found the cello version and transposed it. The legato is probably fitting better the cello, not the trumpet. While playing it I played it differently than how is written. I also took the liberty to add some ornaments and take away others. Somehow felt better to me that way. I suggest you do the same, play it the way it fits you the best.

You may download the music sheet as PDF, or in MuseScore format, so you can edit, transpose, transcribe and customize it to your own needs.
Click the image to download the format you want:

Here's an example of me playing it. As mentioned before, I took liberties. Why not 😉

And here's the backing track. You can use it to practice, to play it on a concert or to make a YouTube video with you playing the trumpet.

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