Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Legend of Zelda - Main Theme

Here we go with a bit of more computer game related music. This one has an orchestral/ classical feel. "The Legend of Zelda Theme", also known as the "Overworld Theme", is a recurring song in the Legend of Zelda series. It serves as the main theme for most games in the series. It was composed by the now famous Kōji Kondō for use in the original game, The Legend of Zelda.

And here is the backing track:
It doesn't seem too fast, but when you play it, 120 BPM is a quite difficult tempo to play the second line... I had to practice a bit to be able to play it on flugelhorn. While some 12-16 years old could play the first part, for the second part you need a bit more flexibility and experience. 

You may download the music sheet as PDF, or in MuseScore format, so you can edit, transpose, transcribe and customize it to your own needs.
Click the image to download the format you want:

For the MuseScore sheet to look as I intended, you have to download the "Triforce" and "SS Ancient Hylian" fonts from here:

Here's one of the versions I took as reference for my backing track:
Or the "old school" 8bit version recorded directly from the old game.
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